We are importers and distributors specializing in Spanish Cuisine

It was their love of Spanish cuisine that formed the plan to bring their favourite cuisines from Spain to other parts of the world.


The Mediterranean Diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world; it is trendy among many countries for a reason. In Spain, it is a way of life.

Studies have shown that this traditional way of eating reduces the risk of many diseases...not to mention, the food is delicious!

Our Traditional Healthy Products take the cornerstones of the Mediterranean Diet into consideration - with a focus on fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and olive oil - while also offering products with no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, and products that are as naturally processed as possible.


At CanDisPro, each of our vendors undergoes a rigorous selection process. We personally visit almost every producer, from the small family-owned farms in the remote part of Spain to the larger well-known producers across the Iberian Peninsula. We ensure their production and quality methods align with CanDisPro’s and that their products are in conformance to the health and safety standards of IFS and BRC. Getting to know each of our vendors is an essential key to building and strengthening our relationships. We are their extension and pride ourselves in representing their company and their products across the world. We are proud of the care and support we offer our suppliers, which allows us to understand fully the requirements and expectations of our customers.


Each product line that we carry is taste-tested by our team, with the selection process being only the ‘best of the best’. The company began with the importing of Serrano Ham, but the product lines did not end there. CanDisPro continues to import a wide variety of Spanish products - from charcuterie, selected meats, paella rice, seasonings, and olive oils, to sweets, snacks, vegetables and much more. Working closely with over 100 vendors across Spain, we provide end-to-end solutions for retailers, from factory auditing to product development, packaging design and category management.


Our imported Spanish products are handled with utmost care, from the moment they leave the producer in Spain, to when they reach any of our locations. Our value-added solutions for customers offer technical expertise, field-to-fork traceability and high-welfare options, all ruled by ethical and responsible sourcing. Our safe food handling procedures go above and beyond governmental regulations - to ensure each high-quality import reaches our consumers exactly the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Every stage of our supply chain is balanced with efficiency, sustainability and quality. We use technology, rigorous processes and collaborative relationships to overcome challenges and to proactively create new ideas.